Escape to Tioman



Off the east coast of peninsula Malaysia, are several beautiful islands, the largest of which is Pulau Tioman. I was blessed to be hosted by Roland Ng, and my daughter accompanied me on this escape from  Singapore. Sorry, did I make it sound like Singapore is a penal colony. The long weekend was a continuation of my vacation of lounging at home, wherever that happens to be:  sleeping, eating, idling, reading, watching, strolling,  reflecting, chatting and journaling.



Roland had a few of his friends around, other owners of apartments in the Berjaya condotel: Eng Lock(whom my daughter observed a resemblance to Lee Kun Yew) and his brother James; Ron (ex SJI boy who remarkably still meets up with his classmates once a month), and Alan.



It was a joy to be with my daughter, Elaine. In the bus, on the beach, in the apartment, eating or talking or just being there. One evening   we conversed and walked down the whole 1.5km stretch of fine sand and surf to the restaurant just outside the gate of the resort where we had dinner. Come to think of it, it was good to get closer with my daughter, who has grown up more quickly than I wished, as in a matter of time we may not see her so often.



The men went out on a boat to fish in the evening and returned at nine with fresh fish which Alan and Roland cooked and we had fish and rice, not fish and chips. We had so much fresh fish for two nights, I wonder if the Lord is trying to tell me something.


The apartment we stayed in had a beautiful view of the sea and a tiny island. Alan, a real estate friend of Roland said it was better than the $4 million view of SC Global’s Sentosa apartments. I liked just looking out that balcony, standing and gazing, or sitting there with a cup of hot tea, eye on the distant horizon or sky or sea, hearing the sound of the rolling waves dashing against the rocks below, and feel the energetic and playful  breeze caress and massage me. I took in the sights and sounds and savoured it all greedily. Cool sea breeze, an enchanting view, and a good book was all I needed to feel relaxed.

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  • enjoyed the Tioman youtube. me thinks if me was there, i would have jumped into that blue sea and maybe swam to that little island over yonder and back.

    ha ha ha – what did you thinks the Lord was trying to tell you, while you were busy stuffing your face with all that fish??

    eat less fish?
    eat more fish? eat less…of everything?

    btw…you really ARe beginning to look like an old chinese man with his crumpled newspapers in a typical chinese kopi-O shop.
    Great Job taking those shots, old man PKenny.

  • Dear Kenny, I am full of envy reading about your vacation. Malaysia cantiklah! WELCOME back to the blogosphere. Good to hear you spent quality time with your daughter. Did I find myself in a penal colony? Ha-ha-ha. You are there and I am here. God bless you, brother.

  • Thank you for being REAL and the visceral sharing.

    Welcome back to existential humanity – warts and all, the journey resumes until the “race” is done.

    We struggle and have been conditioned to expect with an insatiable appetite more than what is good for us.

    Wonder when we will learn to relax brother and not take ourselves too seriously and living with wisdom, discernment and love. Shalom

  • Man!
    Look at that sea? didnt know tioman is so beautiful breathtaking views, thought you need to go to caribbeans, or european seaside resort to get this kinda view.

    heard taht tawau(sabah) is good too!

    Pastor! you ho mia la….i never been to such places before and u’ve been to ALL liao….hahaha…

    Next trip for me is SENTOSA! yahoo! (sian half liao)….heheee….

    Shalom! :-p

      • Alamak,
        Pst, do you think we will rejoin federation someday? i mean? we’ve like run out of ideas except for the 2 casino’s coming up.
        Only raw talent here is Human capital (cos i’m in the Human Capital industry).
        We have services for finance, medical, pharma, manufacturing,education…
        Would dread it if that day happens but i’ve already heard some people talk about that over recent years….about that hint of possibility….

        ps: just in case anyone thinks me is foreigner, nope, me did my stint for NS, born and raised up here except for several years overseas la…. Shalom!

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