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Never before has my stuff been plagiarized. When I read the latest post of Stillhaventfound, I felt that he has stolen the essence of what I have in my heart and put it in his own blog post. I have no proof, but he photocopied what was hidden inside my hazy neurons, so you’ll have to read it HERE and judge for yourself. Doesn’t it sound like me?Β  πŸ™‚

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  • i wonder why the obsession with “law and grace” when there is no basis for such claims simply because, no innocent entity/person can be responsible for your β€œsins” if indeed you have violated some kind of code of conduct which see to your eternal damnation in a place where there is no evidence it even exists.

    even worse, someone actually succeeded in giving grace a hyper “make over” that even god giggles in his throne.

    to think that many actually parted with their sweat money to have their ears tickled silly by this preacher gives new meaning to daylight robbery -if it’s anointed it is legal of course

    • Hi itching ear, what I hear you saying are:
      there are no absolutes;
      no proof of hell;
      and therefore no need for law and grace;
      and Jesus taking “responsibility” and paying for our sins does not make sense;

      and JP is making money from preaching a hyped up grace;
      and its all legal;
      and you are wondering why the obsession.

      Would this be proof that you are either an atheist or agnostic?

  • Wow thoughts can be plagiarized?

    Shall we “metaphorically stone and crucify” the dastardly plagiarist? Eye for an eye? BTW, has he got thoughts worth copying?

    Always thought the most sincerely form of admiration was by the act of copying?

    Wow, BP you are developing into be a influential thought and trend leader!!

    BTW, how do I identify an original thought – a sum totality of uniqueness or just a goulash of recognizable bits and pieces.

    Is it the process or the substance that has no prior art?


    BTW, not sure I know what an original thought looks like?

    • You said, “Always thought the most sincerely form of admiration was by the act of copying?”

      I say, the second most sincere form of admiration is claiming someone has plagiarized your material when he did not! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Pastor Kenny
    Sounds like it’s high time you start working on your book idea!
    That will be the “printed” proof.

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