‘Allah’ should stay in the Bahasa Bible

Dr Tony Siew, New Testament lecturer in Trinity Theological College, has written a coherent case for keeping Allah in the Bahasa bible, and an impassionate plea for reason, calmness and humility to prevail in the wake of the high court decision to uphold the use of ‘Allah’ in the Bahasa bible. His blogpost is titled, “Allah” for Malaysian Christians.

A surprising but refreshing turn of events:  main Islamic party PAS in Malaysia has said the word “Allah” can be used by followers of the Abrahamic faiths to denote God, as long as it is not misused or abused. This came from a written statement from PAS president Hadi Awang. Some would say it is not surprising, as PAS is seeking to put on a moderate face, just as UMNO is seeking to seem more Isalmic. Whatever the case may be this statement by PAS bucked a growing online expression of fury from Malaysian Muslims about the high court decision.

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  • Would the real GOD really care what imperfect humans call him when our talk does not match our walk?

    When our faith is just verbal profession and our knowledge of His word is just to buttress and justify our claims in order to for our purpose?

    God help us when we select deluded persons who think they have been appointed/anointed/selected as defender of God.

    The hubris would be laughable if these guys are not madly serious.

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