Church bombings show intention and pattern

The fire bomb attacks on churches were not spontaneous expressions of outrage and violence of common folk, but deliberate, intentional, strategic acts of violence to damage religious harmony that have largely prevailed since the federation was formed. The avoidance of death seemed to be deliberately calibrated to make all parties open to concessions without triggering a religious war. This was probably masterminded by one who knew what he was doing, and he is educated and not a village folk. It was deliberate because it showed a multi-denominational pattern.

One was a charismatic church: the Metro Tabernacle church in Kuala Lumpur. Another was the Assumption Catholic church in Petaling Jaya, though the explosive that was thrown into the church compound did not explode. The third was an attack on a Brethren church called Life chapel in Petaling Jaya where a Molotov cocktail damaged the porch. The latest was a Lutheran church, the Good Shepherd Lutheran church, in south west Kuala Lumpur. Petrol bombs were thrown into the windows of the first and second floors of the buildings but they narrowly missed.

How many denominations are there in Malaysia? Will the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists or Anglicans be next in line? Watch and pray.

Meanwhile, Rev Ong Sek Leong, the Malaysian pastor of Metro Tabernacle church spoke for all Malaysian Christians and citizens of all races and religions when he responded to what had happened to the church he pastored.

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  • Today’s news:

    All Saints Church (Anglican) in Taiping, Perak -Molotov cocktail.

    Malacca Baptist Church – black paint on walls.

    Good Shepherd Church(Catholic), Sarawak- stones

    Are the intentional and strategic bombings turning into wider, copycat and spontaneous acts?

    Are these early symptoms of a contagion? I pray not.

  • My cousin who attends a church in PJ, KL says that rumors has it that it’s political and not by some mindless hoodlums…..

  • The Seremban SIB church is the 8th church to be attacked. It appears that there is careful and calculated attempts where each church from the various denominations are targetted.

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