Diary of a pastor in part time studies 2

L-R: Ying Keng, May, Judy, Sonny, Eng Hwa, Kenny, Ramon, Carlos, Dicky, King Lang

It was the first day of AGST Alliance MTh(Ed)/EdD  4-3 module with all the introductory rituals of explanation of course requirements and assignments and allotment of on course projects. The physical weariness is present and I need to sleep early tonight. Lunch was great: beef stew, spinach, mixed vegetables and soup. We ate with the Bible school students. This was their last week and in the evening they would celebrate the Moon Cake Festival with a barbecue. Our dean signed us all in. Itcontemplative beach front was to be held at the beach house (what kind of a bible school is so privileged to have a beach house? Ans: a Malaysian one!).

Curriculum is often regarded as that packet of materials that is part of a systematic way of covering biblical or theological content. They are often regarded as God’s gift to layman and most churches get their stuff from the USA. We are learning that it is much more. That’s like calling the wheels the car. Those are just the curriculum schooling materials. Curriculum is much more: it is “all the planned learning opportunities offered by the organization to learners and the experiences learners encounter when the curriculum is implemented.” It could even be enlarged to include all the informal, spontaneous experiences and learning that takes place in the community and even the “hidden curriculum”. I will stop this rambling, as my assignments are calling me by name to attend to their demands. Some pictures of barbecue:

view from rocky outcrop

10 mins climb to guestrooms: working off the calories

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