Kingdom Invasion 2013 : they beheld God, and ate and drank

kingdom invasion 2013 at Spore expo

I was disappointed to learn that Bill Johnson would not be at the Kingdom Invasion Conference 2013. I was looking forward to hearing more from him “live” after hearing some of his free downloads online. It was announced with apologies that someone very near and dear to him had gone home to the Lord.

My colleagues told me how good the last conference was so I decided to sign up for this one. As the conference went on they told me that the last time round they had more systematic teaching that laid down the kingdom framework for God’s people to exercise a ministry of the supernatural and healing.  This conference was different in the sense that there were more soaking times, long stretches of waiting in God’s presence and enjoying communion with him. This was probably due to Heidi Baker’s unique ministry and gift-mix.

Those who came largely for cognitive input would probably be somewhat disappointed, but I was not. As it were, I have always leaned too much on my left brain – the rational, the analytical and logical. The few day’s sessions of sitting with the Lord among God’s people filled me up to the brim with the power of his presence. I felt liberated and strong in the spirit, able to tackle any challenge and temptation. “……they beheld God, and ate and drank”(Exo 24.11).

One of my takeaways was that the impressions of Holy Spirit can be very light, or weak, or slight, a passing thought flashing by. Too often such a thought would have been judged in split seconds to be our own thought. Randy Clark and Tom Jones gave examples of doubt and hesitation about the impressions that they had, and how when they obeyed remarkable things had happened. Many of us could relate with their examples.  They encouraged us to act upon these weak impressions, as God would be pleased with acts of faith. We were urged to take some risks and see what the Lord can do when his people step out in faith and respond boldly to such thoughts. The practice of the supernatural was placed in the larger theological framework of the kingdom of God, a kingdom of power that has already come in the person of Jesus, a kingdom of which Paul preached about, and demonstrated.

I had a chat with Pastor Rupert from Cornerstone Church over coffee and he said it costs the church money to run these conferences. The conference fees were insufficient to cover the costs. They had pumped in finances because they felt it was what the Lord wanted done. That’s wonderful. Praise God for this church.

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  • Dear Kenny,

    I went to the conference last year and was blessed by Bill Johnson’s ministry. The conference help to me to sort out God’s leading for the future.

    Some of the “rock star treatment” of Johnson by the younger generation was odd. But then I remember the stuff we did in 80’s and 90’s and I sorta chuckled. The Lord bless the younger generation with His revelation.

    • Dear BB, what you shared with me about the rhema you received the last time you attended was inspiring. Yes I was blessed by the cheering of the younger generation. Without sounding patronizing, it was uplifting for me to see them laughing, rocking , crying, lying prostrate in God’s presence. Of course this is not beyond me either. Went forward and had some cement time (no carpets in Singapore expo) .

  • Hi Pastor Kenny,

    Want to share this testimony. 🙂

    God gave me a student last year.. he’s only P2 (8 yrs old) but a boy who Loves God.. Both His parents are staunch Taoist especially his mother who serves in the temple as a English translator.. As I heard, many had shared Christ with her but was never successful as many of them could not penetrate her stubbornness.. anyway.. about 8 months ago God told me she is a special woman and that she has a calling with God.. but God prompted me not to share Christ with her then.. so instead i prayed for her salvation..

    2 weeks ago during tuition, my student started to throw tantrum.. his mum then started to blame the church for her son’s behavior.. saying Christianity is an evil religion.. I wanted to speak to shield church or God but was stopped by the holy spirit.. so i prayed in tongues in my heart to ask God to personally intervene.. I could still remember the feeling of the lord standing beside my student while the fight subsided.. And I left..

    Yesterday I went down to teach again.. this time my student started to ask me about God.. and if God ever give presents.. so I shared with him that God gives me presents by answering my prayers.. he just nodded without saying anything.. then what happen next was not what i expected.. his mother sat down to talk to me about an experience she had when she attended “kingdom invasion Conference 2013” the day before.. she had went alone out of curiosity mainly to see what is Christianity and why did it make her son so short tempered/ evil.. HOWEVER the conference changed her mind… here is her experience..

    As the worship started.. she started to hear a singing that did not come from the worship or the people.. songs that sound like Christmas carol sung by very lovely voices.. and there were wings flapping sound beside her.. (as she shared, the spirit in me spoke and i know she had heard an angel)
    then she continued to share that in the 2 days of preaching by Heidi baker.. her tears kept flowing in a peaceful way.. not sadness or is she being touched by Heidi Baker’s sermon (she didnt really understand the sermon)..
    anyway she wanted me to explain to her as these incidences had made her very puzzled.. so I started to explain to her that she has a gift from God and those voices are from the angels.. And God has personally come to her.. and as she teared during the service, it was the holy spirit who touched her.. she smiled widely as she listens.. and I know her heart had started to soften and surrendered to God though she still insist that her Taoist religion is important to her..

    And just then my student who overheard the whole conversion turned to me and realized that this is his present from God.. all in God’s perfect timing……

    Well, It has always been and always will be God who does the planning, the design, the opportunity, the environment while we listen and follow into God’s agenda.. It has never been and will never be the case where we create environment, create opportunity, create the plan.. For apart from God, we’re nothing.. without God, plans are nothing, “works” are nothing.. this is what I’ve learnt and also for me to write here..

    Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” – John 6:28-29

    Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. – John 14:12

  • Hi Ps Kenny & Joanne,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and testimonies. We are greatly encouraged to hear such stories! God bless!

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