Kingdom Invasion 2013 : they beheld God, and ate and drank

kingdom invasion 2013 at Spore expo

I was disappointed to learn that Bill Johnson would not be at the Kingdom Invasion Conference 2013. I was looking forward to hearing more from him “live” after hearing some of his free downloads online. It was announced with apologies that someone very near and dear to him had gone home to the Lord.

My colleagues told me how good the last conference was so I decided to sign up for this one. As the conference went on they told me that the last time round they had more systematic teaching that laid down the kingdom framework for God’s people to exercise a ministry of the supernatural and healing.  This conference was different in the sense that there were more soaking times, long stretches of waiting in God’s presence and enjoying communion with him. This was probably due to Heidi Baker’s unique ministry and gift-mix.

Those who came largely for cognitive input would probably be somewhat disappointed, but I was not. As it were, I have always leaned too much on my left brain – the rational, the analytical and logical. The few day’s sessions of sitting with the Lord among God’s people filled me up to the brim with the power of his presence. I felt liberated and strong in the spirit, able to tackle any challenge and temptation. “……they beheld God, and ate and drank”(Exo 24.11).

One of my takeaways was that the impressions of Holy Spirit can be very light, or weak, or slight, a passing thought flashing by. Too often such a thought would have been judged in split seconds to be our own thought. Randy Clark and Tom Jones gave examples of doubt and hesitation about the impressions that they had, and how when they obeyed remarkable things had happened. Many of us could relate with their examples.  They encouraged us to act upon these weak impressions, as God would be pleased with acts of faith. We were urged to take some risks and see what the Lord can do when his people step out in faith and respond boldly to such thoughts. The practice of the supernatural was placed in the larger theological framework of the kingdom of God, a kingdom of power that has already come in the person of Jesus, a kingdom of which Paul preached about, and demonstrated.

I had a chat with Pastor Rupert from Cornerstone Church over coffee and he said it costs the church money to run these conferences. The conference fees were insufficient to cover the costs. They had pumped in finances because they felt it was what the Lord wanted done. That’s wonderful. Praise God for this church.

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