City Harvest Church trials: To sigh, pray and hope

The trials of the leaders of City Harvest Church have raised many eyebrows. Accusations and blame and counter-blame have started to fly across the courtroom among those who have been charged. This is painfully embarrassing and shameful for the church to bear. Yes, we are all categorized together as the church in Singapore, no matter how we try to detach ourselves from the CHC leaders. The goings on in court makes me sigh in shame. It causes me to pray for mercy and grace. For I know all too well my own weaknesses and fragility and my own tendency towards self-preservation. It makes me hope for God to work all things so that His name may be glorified ultimately.

Brothers and sisters, let us lift up these leaders and the whole trial in petition to God. Pray for truth and humility and mercy to triumph, justice to prevail, and for God’s church to acknowledge her humanity, weakness and vulnerability.

Thank God we have a high priest who sympathizes with us and we can approach Him boldly in times of need to receive His mercy and grace. And this we must do: approach Him who understands our weaknesses.

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