Pokemon Go : A Christian Perspective

A Christian perspective is needed and it has to be based on more comprehensive research and be balanced. The Pokemon Go game craze has hit Singapore’s shores. When I was exploring Cheung Chau island I asked a young person peering her mobile phone to confirm if I was walking in the right direction. She replied, “I don’t know this place. I am here because of Pokemon game.” When I returned from my retreat and two days holiday extension, I heard that the craze has come here. So what should a Christian response to this game be? I had been collating some materials to write an article but a pastor friend Rev Dr Lorna Khoo of Aldersgate Methodist Church had already written a balanced and well researched article about it. I received permission from her to reproduce it here. Hope you find it helpful. Simply click on the document below this sentence. Or go to this link: http://aldersgate.sg/about-pokemon-go/

[aesop_document type=”pdf” src=”http://www.blogpastor.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/pokemon.pdf”]

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