Thankful for makeover

I am pleased and excited with the makeover, clean-up and updating of this blog site. The generous website host and Vee my web designer in particular have put in their talent and time and heart to get this blog ready to fly off the mark. How do you find the new style? Give me your feedback.

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  • Great to have you back, Ps Kenny! Didn’t realized your blog was being cyber-hacked, wow, must be doing something right or hitting good traffic to be targeted 😉 Like the old adage goes, the devil won’t bother you if you are not doing something right for God’s kingdom/work.

    Like the new clean, minimalist blog design, makes reading and browsing smooth and easy, and aesthetically pleasing. Just wondering if it has been optimized for mobile use, e.g. responsive or adaptive mobile design that is dynamic for different screen sizes e.g. smartphones and tablets. There are widgets or templates that do this automatically for you, such that videos, pictures, word paragraphs, and/or columns will resize optimally when switch from portrait to landscape, or between different devices. Examples would be your IGTV video post, and your boat cruise (picture and words). Somehow they adjust but not fully (full-screen).

    Keep up the blogging and good work, enjoy your reflections, insights and pastoral musings! God bless!

    • Thanks ps Timothy for your kind affirmation. My friend Vee San, member of ORPC, does the design for this site. I didn’t know you were so digital-literate. I will let her know what you said. To me you are talking Hebrew. Trust all is well with you.

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