Working from home as a Christian

With the circuit breaker ended and phase 1 of return to normal begins, it has become likely that more people than ever before will be working from home(WFH). Thus I thought a short video about what WFH for a Christian can look like would be important since this will likely be the new normal. Thus I first posted this video on IGTV and embedded it here in my blog. I hope you find it helpful and share it with others. Thank you.

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  • I think there might also be a third category of people, who work even longer hours during this WFH period. I wonder if their identity is too tied up with their work? Or if they are workaholics, the erosion of boundaries means they also forget who is the ultimate boss?

    • Absolutely true, Cartoonmagic, my daughter in law said my son has been putting in more hours because of the WFH situation. Perhaps, I should address the work life balance and the extreme of workaholism.

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