Prayer Methods

This is a storehouse of  prayer aids, methods, exercises, explorations and suggestions. These are aids I have used to help me in prayer during various seasons of my life.

I have found them helpful and life-giving at the right time. When a prayer method becomes dull or burdensome I open myself to another that gives life. We are all unique individuals and God deals with us in ways unique and best suited to us, and what he wants to accomplish in us. What is helpful to me now may not be so for you but I hope you will be adventurous and hungry enough to try out ways to freshen your prayer life or to aid your growth in freedom and  intimacy with God.

Writing Down and Colouring Verses to Slow Down

Prayerful Reflection of the Day

How To Pray Without Ceasing

Sacred Reading or Lectio Divina

Though the Audio Bible in One Year

Prayer After Excretion

My One Biggest Distraction From Prayer & Meditation

Breathe Slow, Breathe Deep

Dealing With Inner Noise in Prayer

An Example of Visio Divina: “Child’s Play”

Checking In With Our Feelings In Prayer

Fasting and Prayer

The Practice of Solitude

Speaking in Tongues and Contemplative Prayer

Why is Silence Essential in Prayer

A Sensory Stroll

The Blessings of Journaling

When Doing Nothing Does Wonders

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