Osaka-Kyoto Free and Easy: Comfort for the Pandemic Fatigued

It has been over a year since Covid-19 disrupted normal life. Travel has been impossible. What we used to enjoy regularly and took for granted is now so uncertain. Even if travel restrictions are eased, what would it look like, and where would we go, and how much would it cost? One way to mitigate this pain and loss is to go back to old photos and videos of past travels. Images – still photos or videos – can stir memories of sights, feelings, tastes, and scents. Our imagination fills up the blanks in our attempt to remember the details.

I was looking at the analytics to see what people have been reading in my blog. One of them is the Osaka-Kyoto vacation in April 2018. I went there with one of the cell groups in the east: the Marine Parade cell led by Jasmine Chan. When I looked at my blogposts about this vacation, memories of cold, wet and grey came to mind and delicious smells of grilled eels and beef, and being wedged into a crowded Starbucks cafe because of the drizzle outside. Memories: the good, the bad and sad stuff surfaces at random. Nevertheless, it is nostalgic to re-visit and conjure the experiences of this vacation. It is like comfort food for the pandemic fatigued.

Have a look at these posts, and then go take a soak in some of your old travel photos. Don’t do it hurriedly, but give time for memories to conjure the magical moments, feelings both pleasant and unpleasant.

Osaka & Kyoto (part 1)

Osaka & Kyoto (part 2)

Osaka & Kyoto (part 3)

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Songs For Pandemic Fatigue

Pandemic fatigue is what my pastor friends termed this feeling of frustration, anger, helplessness and depressed feelings. Repeated setbacks in Singapore’s battle with Covid-19 and the strict controls established for our protection make us want to blame somebody, rebel against rules, or resign in lethargy and despair.

When we are in such moods we Christians have resources that others may not have. Firstly, we have the Bible, the word of God that we can anchor our faith and hope upon, and renew our minds with the comfort from God’s many great and precious promises which strengthen us to go through all manner of trying circumstances. Give more attention then, to the listening of audio readings of Scriptures, or reading the Bible and underlining what resonates with you, and meditating on what speaks to you. Psalms is certainly one of the suitable book to go through as it contains a variety of laments that we could use to help us express our own lament and complaints to God. Emotional and mental health may be a thirty psalms away.

We can also turn to Christian songs and here I want to highlight and recommend a few songs for the treatment of pandemic fatigue. Lauren Deigle has a number of songs that will inspire, comfort and strengthen your faith in these tough times. She won a Grammy award for her song titled, “You Say”. It stayed on top the Christian Hot Song list for two years. The way she sings and the lyrics are powerful and moving.

Here are a few of them from YouTube. Trust that you will enjoy them.

These are songs I found helpful during this pandemic? Do share your favourite song.

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