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1. Is there a way to integrate the claims of the “new perspective of Paul” with the Reformed teaching of personal justification by faith? Bolivian Beat discusses this briefly in “New Perspective of Paul”.

2. Rev David Burke gives advice on “Choosing a Church”. He points out 9 things to look for. My list has only 1 point: choose wrpf.

3. Rev Jenni Huan has some helpful insights that will make for happier pastors and churches. Look at her post on “Criticise, Critique or Creative Construction.”

4. Alwyn Lau writes an ode to Clark Pinnock an open theist, a creative daring systematic theologian, who recently passed away. It is simply titled “Clark Pinnock and he sincerely gushes out this theologian’s influence on his own theologising.

5. Father Luke Pong shares his disappointment at the apathy of many a church member with The Quest for God and Transformation.”

6. Steve McVey writes eloquently about the danger of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in “You should strive to do right and avoid wrong – wrong”.

7. Eavesdrop on a converstion between Steven Sim and his acquaintance on Pitting Spirituality against Religion”. Stimulating.

8. Stillhaventfound has found something in his “First Healing on the Streets Meeting”. Read his honest but encouraging report of an embarassing healing encounter.

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