Mission in Bangkok

Today I left home at about 9am and reached Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok at about 4.30pm. This was a whole day given to travelling by car, plane and train, and quite a bit of walking with luggage in tow.

We were here to do some building work among the poor for Ruth Center in Bangkok. Last year we had a camp cum missions trip and had worked with them. This year we wanted to come help them with a small team of men who believe that donating their leave, money and strength and skills are one way of serving in the missions field.

Thai food: delicious and inexpensive

Tonight we went for a team dinner but where we went did not have big enough tables and seating for eleven persons. So we split up and enjoyed our Thai traditional dishes in a restaurant called INTER near the Siam Station of BTS.

Simeon Poh: found faithful

Simeon Poh seated on extreme right
Simeon Poh seated on extreme right

Simeon Poh was a young man of 27, with a girlfriend, and a career in precision instruments with Timex. He was Spirit-filled and zealous for his Lord. On the way home from a mission trip to Simpang Rengam, Johor, where WRPF planted its first church, the car that Simeon Poh was in, crashed with a Johor lorry. He almost died. The neurosurgeon did two major operations on him in Tan Tock Seng hospital. A Swedish evangelist, who traveled and preached with David duPlessis, the famous Pentecostal statesman, prayed for his healing. The surgeon was

Simeon Poh at 65
Simeon Poh at 65

surprised at his accelerated and remarkable recovery. Though his physical co-ordination deteriorated, and his personality,  somewhat altered, he was independent, and able to go anywhere he wanted unaided. He still loved his Lord.

Yeo Hiap Seng compassionately gave him work for many years. Then he was graciously hired to clean our church premises for the last 14 years. Friday was his last day of work. He has been thorough, diligent and faithful in his duties, often going beyond what was required of him. His example of a faith that endures setbacks and hardship will encourage many. He could have been a bitter man. He could have turned his back on Christ. Instead, he still loves and serves his Lord.

Simeon will receive due honor on that Day when Jesus comes.  May the Lord, watch over him and bless him with good health and meaningful ministry in the years to come.

Kenny Gan: set apart for the nations

Kenny GanI saw his obituary twice over the weekend. I have met and chatted with Kenny Gan a few times but a few of my colleagues in church knew him personally. They served with him in Operation Mobilisation (OM). Kenny is a trophy of God’s amazing grace. He was born into a Buddhist/Taoist family. His dad was abusive and a womanizer and gangster while his mom, an incorrigible gambler. He started smoking at 5 and took to drugs at 13.  A regular in and out of prison, he saw many counsellors who gave up on him. It was at a halfway house that he encountered Jesus and God’s grace transformed his life completely.  Later he joined Operation Mobilization, serving 17 years on board the ship gospel ministry. The ship ministry of OM trained missionaries and wherever it stopped at ports, they held book exhibitions, preached the Gospel and encouraged the churches. However he fell ill with nose cancer and after many years of battling cancer he won the fight of faith, and went home to be with the Lord over this weekend. His was a life given completely to missions, one that had impacted the nations. May this seed sown in the bed of missions multiply a million. May the Lord comfort and strengthen his wife and daughter in their loss.

To hear his powerful testimony view this YouTube video: